Why Choose Herbs over Drugs?

Herbs over drugs

People are not getting sick and dying of drug deficiency, we’re getting sick and dying of nutrient deficiency. So, why are we choosing to take drugs to treat the symptoms that are produced by a lack of nutrients?

While drugs may help in times of crisis, they are not designed to heal us or to keep us well. If you’ve had a health crisis and dealt with it through conventional medical treatment, then once the crisis is over your body really needs to heal and de-stress. However, choosing drugs to treat only the symptoms typically leaves the underlying problem unresolved. And, the harsh chemicals in drug treatment cause further toxicity and damage to the body. Drugs may also cause more acidity and pathogens to grow, and produce additional symptoms and side-effects – which are signs of nutritional deficiency.

What your body really wants is organic plant medicine; the stuff capable of repairing damage and reinstating functions in your organic body.

It’s mainly lack of knowledge about nutritional alternatives to harmful drugs that keeps people from choosing the miraculous properties of botanicals.

The sacred knowledge and practice of herbal and nutritional medicine has been handed down and safely used for millennia. There are specific herbs that contain real medicinal properties that remain the basis from which industrial medicine synthesizes its pharmaceutical drugs today. So, why choose a second rate copy of drugs that prevent healing when nature offers us the original―real medicinal properties the body can use to truly heal?

Medicinal herbal knowledge is a highly valued healing art:
• Using plants in season
• Knowing where to find them
• How disease is cured and prevented with nutrients
• How herbs effect damage repair
• How to preserve them
• What type of applications to use
• How long to use them for each condition

Each of us deserves to have the knowledge and choose what our ancestors practiced for thousands of years; real health and natural healing.

With simple whole plant cures we have all the medicine to reclaim EASE from each state of dis-ease.

If you’re a member of the Momma Wolf Health Club, you have free access to a three-part Course on this site: Indigenous Secrets to Plant Medicine, which you are invited to take, use, and Certify as a Specialist if you’re looking for something purposeful to do with your life. We’d love to have you participate and learn some valuable information about how to take care of yourself and your health.

If you’re not a member, you can join at any time, and you can purchase the Course in our shop, and we’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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Momma Wolf is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine degree from “Washitaw Wisdom College”, issued by the Tribal Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the “United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge” awarded for the Curriculum she co-developed for the United Nation’s indigenous members. She is a Professor, published author, accomplished healing practitioner, supplement formulator, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 35 years of applied experience. Momma Wolf has a passion for organic farming, eco-villages, making soil with red worms, and loves sprouting, cheese making, animals, crystals, and being a grandmomma

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