The Benefits of Real Salt

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You’ve probably heard from a dietitian or health expert that salt is bad for you, and may have been advised to reduce or eliminate from your diet. However, our bodies need the proper supply of daily fluids and composite electrolyte minerals found in whole mineral salts. The mineral most widely consumed but and most commonly missing element in the human diet is Salt.

We’re talking organic sodium chloride – not table salt.

If you thought salt was harmful, you just didn’t know about Real Salt.

Mined from deep underground deposits of a naturally dried ancient sea bed, Real Salt supplies the body with missing trace minerals and many major minerals to maintain bodily function, such as thyroid, kidneys, and stomach. Each continent has such a deposit, which contains the proper ratio of electrolytes for the inhabitants who live there. This means you need the salts from that land mass to harmonize with native electro-magnetic energy, environmental conditions, and fill your electrolytic needs.

Symptoms of electrolytical imbalance are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Weak extremities
  • Poor skin tone
  • Bone mass loss
  • Weak immunity

By drinking just ¼ teaspoon of Real Salt dissolved in 1 cup of water it will balance electrolytes, restore body fluid loss, reduce inflammation, alkalize many digestion problems and circulation imbalances, break up calcification, and help stabilize blood pressure.

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The Benefits of Real Salt®

Momma Wolf is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine degree from “Washitaw Wisdom College”, issued by the Tribal Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the “United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge” awarded for the Curriculum she co-developed for the United Nation’s indigenous members. She is a Professor, published author, accomplished healing practitioner, supplement formulator, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 35 years of applied experience. Momma Wolf has a passion for organic farming, eco-villages, making soil with red worms, and loves sprouting, cheese making, animals, crystals, and being a grandmomma

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