Terms of Agreemnet

By Joining the Momma Wolf Health Club, I agree to the following terms:

1. Member Benefits

In membership agreement with Momma Wolf Health Club and Community Private Membership Association the Member will receive the following benefits:

Exclusive e-lessons, demos, and resources on materials related to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health that provide everything you need to grow individually and as a community — instruction, support, and fun!

  • ACCESS to all membership and community resources plus…
  • LIVE and digital demonstrations every month
  • Exclusive Newsletter containing invaluable self-healing information
  • Free Ebook “Momma Wolf Lifestyle Guidebook”
  • ACCESS to all learning categories and articles
  • ACCESS to all Courses
  • ACCESS to all community events
  • ACCESS to all resources, replays, and Community perks while you are a member!
  • Monthly food or DIY recipe
  • Engagement with other Club & Community Members

New projects are added regularly, giving members access to new lessons, presentations, forums, projects, podcasts, teleconferences, chat rooms, events, and discounts on products each month!

2. Membership Donation Dues

For Monthly membership level there is a 12 dollar per month subscription, which can be canceled at any time

Membership donations are due the first of each month, with an auto-pay schedule to keep donations current.

It is agreed that late payments are graced for 30 days before membership is terminated, and failure to donate after 30 days will result in Membership termination, with re-admittance allowed after 3 months, should it be desired.

3. Restrictions

The Member agrees that they will not:

  • Share or provide their login information with non-members
  • Reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and share it with non-members
  • Post inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content to membership forums and discussions
  • Post any or all of the membership content to the public web or chat forums, to your private website, or to social media platforms that is exclusive content, curriculum, programs, or other digital assets intended for Members.

4. Liability

The Member will not hold the Organization liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while participating in the membership, programs, or groups.

The Member agrees that the Organization cannot guarantee any results from their membership. Any negative or positive results that might occur during the membership are the result of the Member’s own personal choices and accountability.

5. Privacy

The Organization will not share any contact or personal information about the Member with other members, non-members or any third parties except where payment portals are required for data dispersal, and cloud-based forums, courses, or certifications are required for program completion.

6. Membership Termination

The Organization has a right to terminate the Member’s membership if any of the terms and the conditions of this Agreement are violated. The Member can terminate their membership at any point and for any reason and will not be charged for their next billing cycle. 

By acknowledging and/or signing below, the Member confirms that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. 

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