Save the Kids, Save the future

Save the kids

by Momma Wolf 

We’re All Somebody’s Kid and We All Share the Future

Children are our most valuable and cherished creations, and they deserve the highest levels of support, vitality, health, intelligence, and nutrition we can give them. 

Momma Wolf Health is concerned about what’s happening with our kids; how the legacy of global pollution along with current social, educational, digital, and medical systems are adversely affecting their health; emotionally, mentally, and physically. We as conscious parents and adults need to do more if we want to heal the planet and the toxic conditions and lifestyles our children will inherit. 

I’d like us all to be the leaders and innovators for their future – their bright, healthy, happy future. I’m inviting you to participate with me on this mission. To accomplish this goal, we must first recognize and identify where we’re at, what’s really happening, and have an understanding about what we can do, in easy and practical ways, to make a change for the better.

There has been an astonishing and heart-breaking rise in what have become common childhood diseases that once only affected the elderly. Commercialized medicine has found this difficult to explain and even harder to treat, but even going back thousands of years – disease has always had a known cause. Physicians in Hypocrites’ time knew the answer –food is our daily medicine. With the advent of GMO food; seed patenting; mineral deleted soil; chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides; and artificial sweeteners; refined, enriched, conditioned, and microwave foods; and a medical system that has abandoned healing for the more profitable treatment of symptoms with drugs, our food is no longer medicine – its man-made disease in a package that has the appearance of food, but none of the nutrients our bodies require to stay healthy. 

As a result of nearly 4 decades of eating artificial, dead, and virtual food; living in computerized virtual realities; smart phone 5G apps; drinking water that contains chlorine, fluoride and other carcinogenic chemicals; over vaccinating; prescriptions for death by mixed medications; and science telling us that our bodies don’t know the difference between organic nutrients and those that are virtual facsimiles produced from laboratory chemicals, it is our children who are paying dearly for our lapses in good, sound decisions, and our departure from nature and nurture.

Ironically, every pharmaceutical drug today has its origins in plant medicine. By reclaiming our body’s natural connection to whole plant medicine for healing, and reinstating our innate ability to access our inner doctor for repairs, we can achieve every health goal and beyond.

Natural or Artificial Health

If we accept that the definition of health is merely the absence of disease symptoms, rather than health being determined by the presence of balanced nutrients, enzymes, and hormones, proper systems function, and an overall feeling of wellbeing, with intact digestion, elimination, immunity, and circulation then we have bought-in to the idea that health is attained through artificial means. And by artificial I mean that symptoms are disguised, masked, or inhibited artificially ― by means of something outside yourself.

The 19th century debate between scientists Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp set the stage for our modern-day choice of allopathic over naturopathic medicine with the debate of “Does the invading microbe or the body’s natural defenses – or lack thereof – play the biggest role in health. Pasteur championed the approach of “kill the microbe” with harsh chemicals that drain natural defenses, and Béchamp favored “reconditioning the biological terrain with nutrients to strengthen natural defenses capable of eliminating the microbe”.

Clearly both perspectives are important. Killing off the microbe seems to be the easiest way to rid the infection, but at what cost to the host? After all, widespread antibiotics also kill the friendly microbes. Or is the best approach to focus on nutrifying the body’s conditions making them more capable of preventing microbial overgrowth, making ourselves less vulnerable to harmful microbes as well as able to eliminate any attackers?

The position of “kill the microbe” let’s everybody off the hook when it comes to taking accountability for the internal conditions we create with food, drink, and other consumables that provide host conditions for swarms of antibody microbes to take up residence inside of us until physical symptoms alert us to their presence -leaving us with the pretense that diet and lifestyle have nothing to do with health.

As a master herbalist and nutritionist, I feel that it’s far more empowering to know and practice nutritional lifestyles that support the low-tech approach to health – conditioning the internal terrain with the proper raw, organic nutrients to strengthen immune defenses capable of continually eliminating microbial invaders. This includes using herbal medicine to repair damage and restore full function, plus performing regular herbal detoxifications and internal cleanses to rid ourselves of the contaminants of our environment.

Our bodies, as well as the earth’s soil, water, plants, air, and animals are innately designed and equipped to heal from every type of damage and dis-order.  Each life form affects every other life in every way, and allowing any living thing to languish in illness, depression, or disfavor without doing something positive to reinstate balanced health only brings dis-ease to us all. Nature has at-the-ready every plant, nutrient, and remedy we require for high performance health with low-tech and tasty resources.

I implore you to really take a look at the promises from the medical/industrial complex, and ask yourself if what they have promised in the form of health care is really disguised as disease management. Yes, what they have to offer in a crisis may be life-saving, but are those same crisis-care drugs healthy to continue for the long term with the expectation that health will be the result? 

Digital Dis-ease and Super Heroes

Digital kids

The real world is a fascinating place. If we allow our children to truly experience themselves from the moment they are born, instead of distracting them with devices of influencers that disturb their natural observation powers, they naturally develop into secure, confident, self-sustaining beings of untold health and self-worth. Toys, games, computers, smart phones, and even books change and distort their natural capability to perceive from their own viewpoint, and instead they learn to value what’s outside themselves more than who they are, how they relate, and why they exist. Subsequently, they begin to question “Do I even matter?” 

The reality of all the seeming wonders of technology is that telephones, televisions, digital musical instruments, computers, cameras, radio, and even light bulbs exist because we have all the same capabilities inside us. We externalize them so that we can see how intelligent, intuitive, multi-dimensional, and extraordinary we truly are. 

The reality of us is that we are all superheroes, each possessing the ability to communicate across continents, send telepathic messages, vibrate into other dimensions, space and time travel ― essentially able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ― just watch “The Matrix”. If we didn’t possess these abilities innately, we couldn’t even come close to creating them in physical reality.

With all of this in mind, Momma Wolf Health is goal oriented to providing answers for today’s kids. In support of the practice of “Replenishing nutrients to cellular fluids at regular intervals and allowing the pulsation of life to go on forever” I suggest this as a lifestyle approach. When your child, or those you love, has bottomed-out when it comes to nutrients, and are experiencing the symptoms of pathogenic overload and noxious conditions, Momma Wolf Health is here to support you with the right foods, herbs and nutritional supplements and help you to set your world right.

If there were magic bullets and one-stop answers to health and healing, everyone would already be doing it. This means that health challenges are a build-up of conditions, pathogens, disturbances, and toxins inside us, and answers are often not simple. Approaches must be customized as we are all so unique, and combinations of healing factors typically need to be applied.

What To Do

Often, what attracts us may be telling us what we need, the true answer, that a desired skill is innately present, or is telling us the direction to go. You may consider the following topics for your attraction in leading you to a helpful combination of choice, activities, foods, or lifestyles to improve yours and your child’s health and life. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have, so make sure to give yourself the gift of health to better enable you to assist your child with what they need.

Vital Health Foods

Eat high enzyme, nutrient dense raw, organic foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, goat & sheep milk and cheeses, whole grains, and sprouts, and take 1 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily as salad dressing, bread drizzle, or veggie dip. Make sure to eat 1/2 avocado each day as nature’s highest quality fat to lower cholesterol and improve thinking and mental stress. Vital Health quality foods eliminate waste and toxins from organs, systems, hormone producing glands, nerves and brain.


Nature’s medicine – herbs that repair, heal and soothe the body, mind, and emotions perform at high levels without any negative side effects. Drink teas such as Chamomile for the brain and nerves, Thyme for the pancreas and strength, Alfalfa for the gall bladder and mineralizing, and Sarsaparilla for the kidneys and detoxifying. Take supplements Like Brain from Host Defense to help you Focus, Digestive Enzymes for better energy, digestion and elimination, consider 50-100 billion multi-spectrum Probiotic microbes, and taking pant-based C-Complex vitamins. And adding Cayenne to your food will far more than just spice up your life – it’ll heal your thyroid, speed metabolism, cure ulcers, and prevent blood clots. 

B-Complex Vitamins

Supplement with plant-derived and pre-digested (liquid) B-Complex vitamins and Potassium (one cannot be used without the other) to boost energy and eliminate imbalance with digestion, thinking, organ function, sleep and stress. No metabolic function in the human body can take place without one of the B-Complex vitamins, which are water soluble and easily lost under stressful conditions.

Real Salt

REAL SALT is natural mineral salt mined from ancient sea water deposits in Redmond Utah, not from the ocean.  It’s pure electrolytic minerals, the kind the body needs to replace blood serum, digestive bile, sweat, and cellular fluids. It’s extracted from dried sea beds, crystallized by nature millions of years before the pollution which contaminates our modern oceans. It has no additives of any kind, and no heating to change its natural state, as refined table salt and sea salt do. Never cook it, but make sure to use it after cooking on food, in the bath, and dissolved in water to replace lost electrolytes (1/4 tsp in 1 cup water).


We all become healers when we trust our intuition and tap into the universal well of crystal wisdom, passed through our genetic heritage. Kids have a natural attraction and aptitude for stones, they will always notice them, collect them, and give them to you as a loving gift. What is it that stones offer us – the ability to tap into our inner resources, get grounded, soothe nerve irritations, and each type of stone offers its individual properties for a specific healing, protecting, or supportive aspect.


For kids ages 3 months through 2 years, 2-4 cups of water is necessary for health. By the time they’re 7, kids need to be drinking a minimum of 6 cups of water daily. Then after age 7, we need to drink 8-eight ounce glasses of good quality water daily, such as mountain spring, glacier, deep aquifer, or structured water. No other fluid can substitute for water, which facilitates breathing, eliminating waste, balancing blood pressure, thinking clearly, removing pathogens, converting cholesterols to digestive bile, and flushing acids. Add a little fresh lemon juice or a pinch of Real Salt to get more alkaline and electrolyte balanced.

Reduce Stress

For kids, give them more down time, play time, and relationship time. Help them find ways to manage their stress with creative, fun, and self-interesting activities, making sure to include healthy food and supplements. Let them see you relaxing and slowing down – be the example of what you want them to be. For yourself – get out from under obligation, guilt, shame, duty, and promises that keep you bound, gagged and tied up in knots. Quit that hateful job and go for your passion, make nice with the annoying neighbor, and don’t visit grumpy uncle Hugh any more―just send happy thoughts and notes. Find time to relax, slow down, enjoy life and putter.


Be with nature, plants, and elements, to relax, calm, eliminate fears, and get inspired; the ocean’s roar, the plant produced oxygen, the mountains height, and Nature replaces our man-made dis-ease with simple truths and the remembrance that we are designed to naturally repair and heal.


Dogs are a boy’s and a girl’s best friend. Animals teach us that we don’t need to have emotional attachments to things, conditions, or people, that instead we can simply allow everyone and everything to be who and what they are without expectations, judgment, or criticism. Animals of all types help us to feel free of fear, anxiety, confusion, and anger that cause dis-eased states. Animals can be trained to smell an insulin surge, to lead the blind, to raise the young, and to rescue or call for help. We could all stand to learn a thing or two from animals.


Laughter is still the best medicine! Laughter and the joy it brings carries positive, creative waves of happiness; releasing feel good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Laughing literally changes us: the way we think, any state of stress or dis-ease, depression, confusion, and hopelessness. Just thinking about a smile restores hope that things can change for the better and enhances any state of health.


Touching with tenderness and caring stimulates the production of oxytocin ―a feel good hormone. When we touch, and are touched with joy, appreciation, understanding, soothing, warmth, and love we sky-rocket to happiness, healing, and vitality. Babies need 2 hours daily, kids need 20 minutes, and adults need 2 minutes or dis-ease sets in.


We all need our beauty sleep, especially kids. Get 7-8 hours of deep, restful, restoring sleep. All organs can repair, muscles can relax, trapped and toxic fluids can release, and hormones can balance while you sleep. The key to good sleep lies with the proper function of; pineal gland, the kidneys and adrenals, the thyroid gland and the liver. Make sure to use mustard, papaya, crookneck squash, and rosemary to boost and sustain those premium organs, and be sure to get your sleep between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am when those organs can get the most benefit.


When life seems too much, focusing on breath, the air flowing in and the air flowing out, can calm the mind, soothe the nerves, settle the stomach, and lower blood pressure. Our exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide relieves us of toxins, and fills us with the ability to eliminate pathogens and energize the body cells. Children that breathe shallowly, hold their breath, or sigh a lot are communicating their discomfort, fear, frustration, or need to be heard.


Our bodies are made to move. In our original state we would naturally be walking, climbing, running, lifting, dancing, twisting and bouncing in our daily efforts of organic living for gathering food, walking with animals and plants, and finding water. With the limitations of city living, we have the need to emulate natural movements, rather than weight lifting, or any routinized form of exercise. Climbing stairs, trees, and inclines, dancing to music, jumping on trampolines or over ropes and obstacles, and swimming in pools is far superior to the stressful and over stimulating gym and fitness programs today.

Imagine and Dream

Fantasize, dream, imagine, and idealize about your health and happiness. Project yourself into the idyllic future, visualize yourself as you desire to become, re-create yourself and your reality, and notice that during this exercise that breathing slows down, heart rate regulates, circulation improves, depression disappears, pain diminishes, hope returns, stress lessens, and ease is present. Take precious moments out of each day to appreciate the earth and all she does for you and count all your blessings as treasures. 


Sing songs of the heart, listen to fun and upbeat music, and dance to silly, rhythmic songs to restore positive, balanced hormones and thinking. Uplifting music transfers its harmonic vibrations and passionate frequencies directly to the physical body influencing mind, emotions, and spirit with joy, relaxation, inspiration, and healing. Who cares if you can’t carry a tune even in a bucket, the joy of putting words to music causes endorphins and healing to go into every tissue of your stressed-out body.

Technology Free

Create a whole day per week, or two to three partial days in a week without technology. It may seem crazy, and a little scary, but after you get used to turning off the TV, cell phone, computer, radio, or whatever technological device you think you can’t live without, you’ll start to relax, to digest, circulate, and reconnect with your body, your feelings, your true thoughts, and begin to breathe. You might even talk to the people you live with, or start singing happy songs in your head. You’ll certainly feel where you have tension, anxiety, fear, or whatever it is that’s been holding you back. Most of all, if you allow the silence, that quiet space from which to create, you’ll remember that you are the best technology there is.

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Momma Wolf is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine degree from “Washitaw Wisdom College”, issued by the Tribal Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the “United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge” awarded for the Curriculum she co-developed for the United Nation’s indigenous members. She is a Professor, published author, accomplished healing practitioner, supplement formulator, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 35 years of applied experience. Momma Wolf has a passion for organic farming, eco-villages, making soil with red worms, and loves sprouting, cheese making, animals, crystals, and being a grandmomma

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