Momma Wolf Lifestyle Guidebook

This is a no-nonsense guidebook that takes you through the importance of eating the foods with nutrients to fuel your body’s organs; including what to eat, why to eat it, and how to prepare it. A practical approach that reveals the difference between eating fake food that depletes your energy, immunity, and intelligence and food that delivers what each of your body’s glands and organs need for vital performance.

What's inside the Momma Wolf Lifestyle Guidebook:

Learn the signs of disorders caused by nutrient deficiency, the right foods to choose for eliminating the disorder, and the supplements that repair, flush, detox, and energize you back to health.

You’ll get information on how your body uses calories, fats, proteins, sodium and sugar, and the right way to eat them. Plus you’ll get answers to improving digestion, how enzymes work, what herbs do, and the role of your DNA.

See how you are the master of your health!

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