Eat for Less Stress

What could you achieve if you had Less Stress?

Find out what’s causing your stress and how to eliminate it using enzyme rich, nutrient dense, Vital Health foods and supplements. Find out how to unleash your inner healer.

The Eat for Less Stress Guidebook is filled with answers to mastering your health, energy, and vitality.

Download this invaluable eBook today.

Here’s what you’ll get to live the life that you deserve!

7 Day Meal Plan

Understand why you need to eat certain foods to gain mastery over your health. Focus on preparing essential foods that strengthen your immune system, bodily functions, energy, and intellect.

Raw, Vital Health Foods

You’ll gain knowledge about essential foods and herbs to incorporate into your diet. When you know what to eat, why to eat it, and how to prepare it, eating can be among the most satisfying and stress relieving of life's experiences.

Natural Health Remedies

You will receive countless resources necessary to maintain your health using natural ingredients. In this comprehensive Eat for Less Stress Guide Book you'll learn all about herbs that repair and plants that maintain bodily function. When your body, mind, and emotions are balanced, you’ll always be the calm in the eye of the storm, no matter what, or who, is going on around you

eat for less stress

eBook Material Includes:

By learning what your body needs from food, and why to eat it, you’ll get a whole new perspective on nutrition and how it affects your stress levels. Vital Life Health is all about providing you the best resources to support your health and improve your lifestyle so that you’ll accomplish your goals and get the optimum performance from your body, mind, emotions, and life. Here’s to Your Health!

What to Eat and Why to Eat it

Herbs vs. Foods

Properties of Vital Life Health Foods

Disorders, Symptoms and the Foods and Herbs to Heal them

7 Days of Full Meal Plans plus recipes

9 Ways to Get Less Stress

Getting Started on Eating for Vital Health

Food Shopping Guide

Vital Health Foods List

About The Author

Momma Wolf is a master nutritionist and herbalist, who has facilitated self-healing with tens of thousands of individuals who enjoy her motherly and nurturing character. She is an accomplished healer, author, professor, and sustainability activist with an indigenous and global education, plus over 30 years of experience to back it up. She’s made it her life’s goal to help people all over the world achieve vital health, less stress, and energy.

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