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Reprogramming your unhealthy habits and replacing them with cutting edge knowledge and new daily practices using healthy herbs, foods, and specific nutrients is the goal of each program that is offered at Momma Wolf Health. Each program is caringly crafted to offer new, exciting, easy, and efficient ways for you to unleash your inner healer.

Unleash Your Inner Healing Potential ​

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21 Days to Vital Health

A $160.00 value for an introductory price of only $30.00

21 Days to Vital Health

This inspirational program contains the map for your journey toward a vital, healthy, and authentic life. In 21 days you’ll have more energy, better confidence, improved intelligence, restful sleep, and more creativity just by following this day-by-day, easy and fun to follow program.

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Healthy Living Ebooks

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With disease prevention in mind, along with achieving and maintaining your optimum health, each eBook is written and presented in easy to read and applicable ways that are intended to support you on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Knowing how your body, emotions, and brain work, what they need for maximum health, and how to achieve it is the primary focus of each book, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals.

What could you achieve if you had Less Stress?

The Eat for Less Stress Guidebook is filled with answers to mastering your health, energy, and vitality.
Get this invaluable eBook, valued at $50, for only $10 when you purchase during this limited time offer

Eat for Less Stress Guidebook

Find out what’s causing your stress and how to eliminate it using enzyme rich, nutrient dense, Vital Health foods and supplements. Find out how to unleash your inner healer.

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Your Body is an Automatic Healing Machine

In the Momma Wolf’s Lifestyle Guidebook learn about how your body heals you on a cellular and genetic level, and what you need to supply in order to make it happen!

Momma Wolf Lifestyle Guidebook

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Get Cleaning

Get the Herbal Cleansing and Detoxification Therapies ebook for a guide to a drugless approach to healing, how to use cleansing and super boosting foods, and the benefits of knowing how to self-heal.

Herbal Cleanse and Detox

Learn about the intelligence of your body’s ability to indicate what kind of cleanse you need, what you may need to detoxify, and how you can regenerate

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How to Shield Yourself and Your Home from EMF

We live in a world where harmful technology surrounds us. Because it's invisible, we tend to ignore its impact on our health. This EMF Radiation Ebook teaches you how to protect yourself from the dangers of EMF.

EMF Radiation Ebook

This Ebook contains essential information on what EMF's are, why they are dangerous, and how we can shield and neutralize their harmful effects on our body cells.

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Healing with foods, herbs, and supplements

If you or someone you know and love is suffering from chronic pain in muscles or joints, and feeling tired, then this Fibromyalgia eBook may help you.


Fibromyalgia Ebook

Learn how to eliminate chronic pain in muscles or joints using plant-based supplements, and cognitive and energetic therapies.

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