Stainless Steel Structured Water Revitalizer Shower Unit


The effective and compact Stainless Steel Structured Water Revitalizer Shower Unit is designed for use with your home shower. Installation can be done by anyone in a few minutes. The necessary fittings for installation are supplied to go between your existing shower head and spout.


Enjoy a more refreshing and vitalizing shower with smoother, softer water that won’t leave you dry and itchy. The results will be smoother skin, less chemical water treatment effects, and less build-up of scale and mold in the shower. Your shower curtain will need changing less often, and shower doors will have less cloudy film deposits. Enjoy a healthier, more effective and better feeling shower while spending less time cleaning it.

*Shower head not included

*Adapts to your existing shower head


Natural Action Technology Structured Water Units

Designed to mimic nature through motion and material interface, these premium quality water “revitalizers” are manufactured to a very high standard and undergo rigorous quality control. The effect of water flowing through a chemical-free, structuring unit is water revitalizing―the process of making dormant water into a sophisticated communication system which becomes a subtle influencer of all things―Living Water. Any matter, particle, or toxin that has adhered to the water molecule is dropped off, leaving only the pure hydrating water in its life giving form.


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Stainless Steel Structured Water Revitalizer Shower Unit


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