Peppermint Tea


Organic Peppermint Tea.
Used to remedy chills, dizziness, stomach or intestinal gas, heart fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, influenza, heart palpitations, neuralgia, and headache. Its medicinal uses include dilating ducts, vessels and passageways to increase circulation, and reducing convulsions and spasms. It helps pain caused by eating unripe fruit or irritating foods. Its strong and stimulating taste is wonderful in cold and warm drinks, teas, salads, desserts, candies, and herb breads.

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Weight4 oz

Health Disclosure

Tea made fresh from bulk herbs is far healthier than using tea bags. Herbs in pre-packed tea bags are exposed to air that reduces the healing properties, and are packed in chlorine bleached paper soaked with a chemical called epichlorohydrin, to keep the bags from breaking. Epichlorohydrin will leach when exposed to hot water, and is a potential carcinogen and reproductive toxin that remains in your tea.
It’s also important to know that drinking tea from paper, plastic, and nylon tea bags can cause behavioral defects, developmental defects, and reproductive health issues. You can add the herbal tea directly to water and strain it before drinking, or use a stainless steel tea ball, or a hemp or organic cotton cloth reusable tea bag.


Makes 20-25 cups

Instructions for tea making are on the label


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Peppermint Tea


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