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Find out what’s causing your stress and how to eliminate it using enzyme rich, nutrient dense, Vital Health foods and supplements. Find out how to unleash your inner healer.

The Eat for Less Stress Guidebook is filled with answers to mastering your health, energy, and vitality.
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Eat For Less Stress eBook Material Includes:

By learning what your body needs from food, and why to eat it, you’ll get a whole new perspective on nutrition and how it affects your stress levels. Vital Life Health is all about providing you the best resources to support your health and improve your lifestyle so that you’ll accomplish your goals and get the optimum performance from your body, mind, emotions, and life. Here’s to Your Health!

  • What to Eat and Why to Eat it
  • Herbs vs. Foods
  • Properties of Vital Life Health Foods
  • Disorders, Symptoms and the Foods and Herbs to Heal them
  • 7 Days of Full Meal Plans plus recipes
  • 10 Ways to Get Less Stress
  • Getting Started on Eating for Vital Health
  • Food Shopping Guide
  • Vital Health Foods List



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Eat for Less Stress ebook


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