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Our promise

• Momma Wolf is the real deal when it comes to offering true self-healing and nutritional information, having experienced indigenous life with natives who have handed down this sacred information for generations.

• Momma Wolf feels that this withheld information belongs to everyone, and that no one deserves to be kept in the dark about nutritional knowledge that can prevent and heal dis-ease.

• All of the self-healing and nutritional educational content is authored by Momma Wolf, except where she quotes industry lauded experts, or uses supportive references from scientists, MD’s, published authorities, etc.

• The integrity of the know-how contained on this site and in Momma Wolf’s courses is backed by over 35 years of practical and applied nutritional healing with tens of thousands of people who sing her praises.

• The stunning educational content offered is some of the most valuable information that has not only saved people’s lives, even at end stage, it has also inspired practitioners in all forms of healing, from Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Dentists, Medical Doctors and Students, Reiki Masters and beyond.

Excellent Quality

• Momma Wolf uses her mastery of herbal and nutritional acumen, and her practical knowledge of the human digestive, immune, hormonal, circulatory, mental, and eliminative systems, as well as their nutritional needs, on which to base her suggestions for nutritional supplements, foods, household, and beauty products.

• Momma Wolf has thoroughly researched and tested each suggested consumable product, sourcing the highest integrity ingredients that are plant-based and organic, with no GMO’s, only natural preservatives, and no drug-like harm or side effects.

• There is no guarantee that neither the manufacturers ingredients in the suggested products are as represented, nor that ingredients have been changed or substituted, or that substitutions are free of allergens or toxins.

• To the best of her ability, each suggested product and ingredient has been thoroughly researched, vetted, and tested by Momma Wolf and her staff to contain the exact ingredients and material that are represented on the label, with consideration given to seasonal changes and supply chain restrictions.

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