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All content is complimentary with membership: free e-lessons, e-books, e-programs, recipes, DIY projects, blogs, videos, and resources related to self-healing. You’ll  get exactly what you need to grow individually and as a community — instruction, support, and fun!

We also offer many ways to help heal the planet, regenerate top soil, implement sustainability, remediate GMO plants, provide needed homes and jobs, and a host of humanitarian projects that give members access to purposeful living, supporting, and healing on a global level. 

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Exclusive Lessons on “Eating to Eliminate Dis-Ease”

Whether you’ve got headaches, acid reflux, high cholesterol or blood pressure, acne, constipation, inflammation, Candida, diabetes, or cancer your monthly eLessons are free and give you invaluable information and resources exclusive to members. Momma Wolf offers ground-breaking, state-of-the-art eLearning that’s been tried and true for tens of thousands of people with triumphant results who have experienced the ease and art of self-healing using her wit, warmth, and fun.  You will learn endearing and sobering things about your body, hormones, digestion, circulation, thinking, and immunity with clear and relevant lesson material for living with joy and health in today’s world

Learn Fundamentals on Eating for Self-Healing

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With an Inner Circle of Like-Minded People Interested in Plants-Over-Drugs

Get a community newsletter as well as free access to others who are searching, teaching, learning, and living a Vital Lifestyle using healthy food, plant-based self care & beauty products, chemical-free home and laundry products, organic clothing, non-toxic cookware and utensils, and are awake and aware of the behind-the-scenes reality of this world. Enter into discussions, present your know-how, teach and learn from those with experience in living off the grid with on-topic consciousness.

Momma Wolf supervises and reviews topics, suggestions, and materials in the community, and answers loads of questions about relationships, health, entertainment, cooking, and beyond. Become part of a closely connected group of people who want to leave this world a better place for the generations to come.

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Masterful Ways to
Upgrade Your Life

You’ll have the opportunity to receive the FREE exclusive-for-members eBook “12 Circles of Co-Creation: Building Intentional Community”, a bold and heartfelt manual written by Momma Wolf. The manual guides groups of 10-12 people to form in local areas and together work your way through the 12 Circles of life skills that will change you for the better. Learning to build true community requires effective ways to listen and communicate, finding your life’s purpose, envisioning through guided meditation, sharing trust building experiences, plus planning and carrying out a project or business are some of the innovative experiences you’ll have within the circles. You can start your own group, or join in on an existing one.

Many of our existing lifestyle and community members have received awesome career benefits, individual health and enhancement, and become amazing self-healers, teachers, practitioners, counselors, therapists, yogis, artists — living with joy and freedom they never thought possible. As spiritual beings having a human experience, working with and becoming masters of our reality, our lives, and our health, together we can change and heal ourselves, each other, and the planet. We are always growing and learning. Come learn and grow with us!

Re-Master Your Life with Revolutionary Information

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Read the words of some of our members….



I never thought it would be possible to find and interact with the caliber of people and information I’ve found in this Community. Momma Wolf has stunningly transformative information that everyone is hungry for. This is the group, the family; I’ve been looking for my whole life.”



“What I have learned and experienced through the amazing information, trainings, and interactions I’ve had in the 12 Circles community building processes have been life changing for me in the best way possible. This kind of powerful insight is what you’d typically get from courses that cost thousands of dollars, and Momma Wolf offers it for the price of membership!”



“If you asked me ‘what’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself?’, I’d tell you it’s becoming part of the self and earth-healing consciousness that I’ve found in Momma Wolf’s educational and community building experiences. I can’t think of anyone who wants “more” that wouldn’t love it and receive untold benefit from it. I know I did!”

Live Events & Exclusive Activities

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Annually, Momma Wolf Health hosts Bio-Dynamic Farming Conferences, Eco-Village Life Experiences, Retreats, and Webinars exclusively for members. Our future plans include live events to be broadcasts of not-to-be-missed events by our amazing instructors
and/or live discussions on burning topics.
If you miss it live, you can watch it any time!

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