Momma Wolf

Thousands call her Momma Wolf who enjoy her motherly and nurturing character and have benefited from her skills as a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist, Doctor of Raphaology Medicine, Trauma Release Expert, and Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist. She is an accomplished self-healing practitioner, having successfully worked with tens of thousands of individuals seeking natural healing from illnesses in many stages for over thirty-five years. 

Among her achievements are:

  • Formulator of over 200 organic herbal supplement tinctures and 40 Pristine Body & Skin care products
  • Published Author
  • Radio Personality
  • Doctor of Raphaology Medicine
  • Founder of College of Raphaology Medicine and Universal College of Indigenous Medicine
  • Professor at UCIM and College of Raphaology Medicine
  • Sustainability Activist
  • Indigenous and Global Education
  • International, Indigenous, & Common Law
  • Over 35 years of Therapeutic Practice

Momma Wolf has been privileged to learn the secrets of indigenous plant-based medicine from studying and living with tribal shaman, kuranderos, and ancient healers, and has made it her life’s mission to share sacred and long-lost knowledge about plant-based healing with humanity. We once all knew what indigenous people still practice today – how our bodies work, what plants work to cure us, and how to prevent illness; all the wisdom Momma Wolf has applied to herself and others.

Her individual quest for self-healing started when she was seventeen, and woke up one morning with most of the hair that was on her head, lying on the pillow. What soon followed were diagnoses of renal failure, and a host of other life threatening conditions that accompanied kidney failure, including paralyzing bursitis, brain infection, and liver cancer. After many years of trials, drugs, surgeries, and eventual failure, the modern health-care system had nothing left to offer her – it was save-herself-or-die. Momma Wolf chose self-healing, putting her on the path to using herbs and nutrition through the skilled and caring hands of her late beloved husband, Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf, and from indigenous healers and plant medicine cultures of the world.

Momma Wolf co-developed a system of self-healing, called Raphaology, with her late husband, which they founded to help people recover total health with an empowering, plant-based, drugless approach and non invasive procedures.

Actively putting into practice the ideal that everyone deserves to have control of their body’s health and how to maintain it, Momma Wolf is dedicated to teaching disease prevention to individuals on how to empower the innate healer that is within each of us, and to spreading knowledge about the role of herbs and nutrition in maximizing health – no matter the stage of disease.

Momma Wolf is a devoted teacher and professor to individual students, and also teaches Raphaology Native Medicine to Practitioners of various natural healing modalities that want to expand their current therapy or practice, having taught:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists
  • Dentists
  • Herbalists
  • Massage Therapists

Closely involved in Agricultural trends, and seeking to maintain healthy food growth wherever possible, Momma Wolf is currently working with local and regional organic farmers to pioneer growth techniques, use red worms and castings in soil, and “messy farming” on fields, walls, asphalt, and concrete, leading to the growth of nutrient dense, enzyme rich food for packaging and delivery to community members and to those in need.

Some of her global education includes plant, soil, and mycelium studies, healing with elements and animals, and planetary eco-systems, shared by many tribal elders and indigenous nation leaders. Among a host of valuable harmonics of the earth, Momma Wolf has learned about the ability of Red Worms to restore nutrients to the soil, and how to use their castings to replenish the rapidly deteriorating top soil on the planet. 

Using this knowledge, she has created programs for elementary schools, and performed hands-on teaching systems for growing Red Worms, maintaining their microbial processes, and innovative uses of worm castings in food growth and healing. 

She is the co-founder of www.SoilPharm.com a top-soil regenerating project on the east coast. Soil Pharm has donated red worm castings to Kimbal Musk’s “The Kitchen Community” project; putting gardens in every school across America.


Momma Wolf has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, having had a morning radio show while based in Louisiana, has written articles for prevention and preparedness expos, as well as being a keynote speaker and presenter, and loves to partner with people who are passionate about health, ecology, agriculture, and humanitarian preservation. Momma Wolf can often be found in her “herbatory” creating new whole-plant remedies to counteract current contaminants and other pathogens that crop up as a result of unhealthy practices in the modern world.

Hers and her husbands work was recognized by some of the world’s most ancient nations in the form of an honorary degree as a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine from the Washitaw Wisdom College, of the Tribal Indigenous Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge as a result of extensive indigenous plant medicine Courses and Curriculum she and her late husband developed and presented to the United Nations as a reclamation of cultural medicine, rites, and practices.

In 1993, Momma Wolf was one of the many voices at the European U.N. Indigenous Peoples Rights forum that lead to the creation of the Declaration on the Universal Rights of Indigenous Peoples. While there, she and her beloved husband were privileged to have them host their prestigious Raphaology Healing system debut, and was included in the ensuing UN Decade of the Rights of Indigenous People.

On a more private note, Momma Wolf has a passion for cooking and creating recipes, silly games and tongue twisters, sprouting seeds, cheese making, organic farming, animals, the human condition, crystals and stones, books, elements, eco-villages, and red worms. She also enjoys being a grand-momma and loves all future generations.

When it comes to health, nobody can do it for you, and nobody has to do it alone.

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