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Vital Dog Food Recipe

For many of us, our dogs are family members, and we want them to be healthy, happy, and live a long and satisfying life – just like us. And just like us, what they eat is a major source of health or disease, so let’s take a look at what you’re feeding your dog.

Most commercial dog food is filled with three major ingredients that are most likely making your dog grow old before his time, giving him/her indigestion, causing inflammation and allergies, and feeding an overgrowth of bacteria. You’re already reading the labels on the food you get for yourself, but are you reading labels on your dog’s food? And if you are, do you know what’s healthy and what’s not?

Here’s a list of the three things NOT to feed your dog:

#1 Artificial Preservatives, Flavorings, & Colorings

Preservatives – Just like the preservatives and other artificial ingredients in human food, preservatives, colorings and flavorings in your dog’s food can cause poor digestion, depression, lethargy, inflammation, and lowered cognitive skills. Look for additives on the label such as BHT, BHA, Propylene glycol, sodium bisulfite, Yellow #5, and even things like natural flavors.

FD&C (Food Dye & Coloring)-chemicals have been shown to cause cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. Your dog doesn’t care what color the food is, they add it to make it look good to you.

High fructose corn syrup & Salt– Then there’s ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and salt that have been shown to cause diabetes, kidney trouble, high blood pressure, artery weakness, and heart problems. Scan those labels carefully, and put food back on the grocer’s shelf that contain ingredients that will harm your dog.

#2 Fillers

Grains – All dogs have the same ancestor – the wolf. Wolves are meat eaters, and the rare time that they eat greens, fruits, or grains will be if it’s in the digestive tract of and animal they caught. You’d never find a wolf, or any dog in the wild for that matter, eating grains. Most fillers for dog food are heavy grains, and the worst grains for dogs are corn, wheat, and soy.

Mold – You especially want to avoid any grains that are Middlings, which are typically moldy, full of aflatoxins, and insect infestations such as worms that are not sellable in the food industry. Granted, a dog’s digestive system is different from that of humans, but its common sense not to feed your dog mold or toxins – which you wouldn’t if you saw it in the ingredients.

Meat by-products – Other fillers to avoid are things like crude protein or fiber, which may consist of chicken feathers, beaks, and feet. Then there’s beef meal, which is code for hooves, tails, and hide. And meat by-products, which can mean brain tumors, intestines filled with feces, road kill, or diseased/dead livestock.

#3 Deli-type meat – Meat Meal

Nitrites – Because dogs are natural meat eaters, they will eat pretty much any type of meat, even if it’s filled with nitrates, nitrites, and other deli-style shelf stabilizers that keep meat from getting putrid. Nitrates and nitrites are a class 1 carcinogen, for people and animals. From chicken, to turkey, beef, lamb, and pork any deli-meat gone bad is fair game to become a pet food grade ingredient.

Meat meal– Meal, such as chicken, beef, or bone meal, means that chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, bone, etc., has been rendered, or cooked down to remove extra moisture, and then dried and ground into granules. This may sound good, removing water that adds to weight so you’re only paying for protein, but it doesn’t account for all the natural oils, vitamins, and minerals that have also been cooked out. And meat meal can cover a multitude of animal “meat” sources that are not disclosed, such as other dogs that have been euthanized.

What to Do?

You might try thinking about finding a better brand of dog food – say one that is raw, freeze dried or dehydrated, preservative free, and organic – or at least non-GMO. Stay away from dog food with heavy grains, and look for a brand that has some food based nutrients from fresh fruits, sea weed, seeds, and vegetables. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Or better yet: Make your own dog food!

Make your dog Vital Life Pet Food and avoid the commercially prepared dog food that’s over cooked, over processed and is missing the enzymes and nutrients found in raw, natural, and organic food, that would mean your dogs is getting enough nutrition to stay healthy and live a long and happy life.

Make sure to include the Three ingredients that will make your dog live healthier, happier, and longer:

  1. Organ meats (liver, tongue, heart, testicles)
  2. Probiotics
  3. Omega 3’s

Vital Life Dog Food Recipe

Make your own dog food!



  • Add grains into a large stock pot, and cover with 5 cups of water
  • Cover with lid and bring to a boil over medium/high heat
  • Then reduce heat to simmer and cook for 20 minutes, covered
  • Remove from heat, take off lid, and add 6-8 cups of any one or combination of the following: ground beef, ground bison, wild caught salmon (with skin and bones), trout ,organ meats: such as heart, liver, lungs, stomach, etc.
  • After adding veggies to the pot, return lid and let them naturally steam for 5 minutes before adding other ingredients:
  • Add these ingredients after cooking:
    ·      1-2 Tbsp flax seeds (golden or brown)
    ·      1/2 cup nutritional yeast or Brewer’s yeast
    ·      1 tsp Real Salt
    ·      1-2 Tbs. Bone meal
    ·      2 Tbsp dried alfalfa leaves
    ·      1/4 cup wakame or hijike sea weedflakes
    ·      2 Tbsp. Coconut Liquid Amino’s
    ·      1 cup goat's milk
    ·      1-2 lbs. (24 oz.) of any one or combination of the following: ground beef, ground bison, wild caught salmon (with skin and bones), trout, organ meats: such as heart, liver, lungs, stomach, etc.
    ·      1/4 cup extra virgin Olive Oil (great omega 3’s to fight inflammation)
    ·      1000 I.U. natural vitamin E oil
    ·      3-5 billion multi-strain probiotics
  • Mix well with large spoon, making sureto bring food up from the bottom until well mixed.


Suggested Use: Divide pot of finished food into glass storage containers, leaving one container for feeding now (it will keep well in the fridge for 3-4 days), and freeze the rest, removing from freezer in advance to thaw before feeding – DO NOT MICROWAVE!
The amounts and portions can be adjusted for the size of your dog, or the number of dogs you are feeding, as well as for your dog’s tastes. Our dogs also enjoyed fresh fruit scraps such as chopped peelings of kiwi, banana, and mango, strawberry tops, papaya seeds, pear pits, old grapes, and grated lemon rind mixed in with their food. Special treats are also goat or sheep cheese and licking our hands after making bison patties when we enjoy bison burgers for dinner.
Fun Dog Fact:
Dogs in the wild who kill their own food are led by the alpha of the pack. The alpha is always given his pick of the kill, and he’ll choose to eat the organs of the animal, instinctively knowing how many more nutrients are in the organs.
When introducing dog to new food, slowly add this recipe to previous food, increasing home-made to lesser and lesser amounts of store-bought food to ease your dog into the new diet and allow them time to create new enzymes and microbes so they don’t get sick.
Find some of the ingredients at health food stores,,

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