It’s About Thyme!

It's about thyme!

When you make time for thyme, you’ll be healthier all the time. At Momma Wolf Health, we favor thyme above all other herbs for your health. All around the world, thyme has been the go-to herb in gardens for hundreds of years. And it’s no wonder, considering all its health benefits…

5 Major Benefits from Thyme…

  1. As the main repairing herb for the pancreas, thyme activates and strengthens the entire body, especially when the organs of the body lack the energy to perform their proper functions.
  2. Thyme is one of the strongest antiseptics found in nature – capable of killing harmful bacterial overgrowth. It’s been used for industrial disinfecting, healing wounds, air purifying, and mouthwash.
  3. Thyme’s strengthening properties will help you avoid common problems such as obesity, physical weakness, emotional instability, and female problems; all caused by hormonal imbalances and weak digestion.
  4. Thyme helps to improve all aspects of physical performance, increasing efficiency, endurance, and alertness.
  5. Thyme is a diuretic, powerfully flushing out water retention, toxins, and acids, while balancing pH and immune factors.

Thyme is traditionally used in French cooking as the main ingredient in herbs de province and bouquets garni; adding flavor to salads, braised dishes, stews, fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.

Perhaps the easiest way to enjoy this amazing herbs is by drinking thyme in a tea – warm or iced. Not only to you get all the medicinal benefits, you’ll also experience more energy, vitality and clear thinking.

In a nutshell, thyme is the herb of choice for progressing physically and emotionally towards becoming a healthier, more balanced individual. Try incorporating more thyme in your diet and feel the astounding results.

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