Ginger for Jet Lag


Ginger is spicy & sweet, but will not raise blood sugar. It keeps digestion balanced, and bridges the hormones produced by Pineal and Thyroid glands. These hormones are the most disturbed by crossing time zones, keeping them in synchronization with current time and location while traveling. Ginger reduces and can eliminate that “loopy & tired” feeling when traveling, especially when crossing multiple time zones. It also replaces the need for other toxin neutralizers as ginger flushes chemicals and solvents in air vents, carpets, seating upholstery, and insecticide/fungicide utilized by airlines between and during flights.

Start taking ginger extract 1-3 days before travel (1 day before if digestion is good, or 2-3 days before if digestion is troubled).

Amount: Take 1 drop for every hour of flight, regardless of time zone changes, taking it just before or after a meal.

On flight, you are allowed to carry on up to 3 ounces of fluids, make sure they are in 1 or 2 ounce bottles. Put your bottle of Peak Frequency Plant Therapy ginger extract in purse, pocket, or carry-on bag, and keep it handy. You can place one drop on or under your tongue during each hour of flight, or 2 drops every 2 hours, except while sleeping. Hold ginger in mouth for a count of 20-30 seconds before swallowing, allowing as much as possible to be absorbed in the mouth to go straight to blood and lymph stream.

Ginger can also be used in the same manner for return flights, and is successful in helping acclimate to new foods, environments, and conditions during travel. If encountering any type of unfamiliar or stressful condition ginger will help smooth the way. Take 10-15 drops with each meal, but not before bed, it is too stimulating for sleep induction.

If crossing the equator, where right hand spin becomes left hand spin (or vice versa), then add an additional 5 drops to total of ginger drops before flight, and possibly while you are on the other side of the earth’s middle.

Happy and Safe Travels

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