Food is Medicine

Food is Medicine

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

This is the same practical lifestyle that indigenous people have lived all along – FOOD is medicine. I only know that because I had to use food and herbs to save my life after suffering with multiple life threatening illnesses.

What I experienced is that there are actually foods that make you sick, and foods that heal you. We’ve been taught as a society that refined foods, dumbed-down by artificial flavors, and loaded with preservatives, are real food. That’s the equivalent of putting coffee in the gas tank of your car and expecting it to run, which we know is a ridiculous expectation…Yet we expect our bodies to run on fake foods that are missing critical enzymes and nutrients that fuel us.

If you thought that disease just happens, with little regard to how foods relate to your health, maybe you didn’t know about Peak Frequency foods. These are specific foods with the capability to boost the function of each organ of the body… like papaya that feeds your kidneys, raspberries that pep-up your gall bladder, and crook neck squash that boosts your liver function.

If you knew your life could be happier and more energetic, with your body running at its peak performance, would you be willing to make a few changes? Couldn’t you use better:

  • Mental clarity
  • Clearer skin
  • Stronger immunity
  • Or fabulous digestion and elimination

Vital Life Foods offer all your body needs to be the master of your health and life. With every morsel of Apex food you eat you’re creating a healthy body to truly live your life – SO start creating the life you want by downloading the Vital Life Food list and begin eating your way to health. This way you’ll know exactly what to eat, and if you want to know which foods to avoid download the About Vital Life Foods document.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive, I invite you to take the 21 Days to Vital Health Challenge. Each day you’ll be guided through new and exciting foods, thoughts and emotions that will support the positive life changes you deserve. Come on – Let’s get HEALTHY!

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Momma Wolf is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine degree from “Washitaw Wisdom College”, issued by the Tribal Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the “United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge” awarded for the Curriculum she co-developed for the United Nation’s indigenous members. She is a Professor, published author, accomplished healing practitioner, supplement formulator, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 35 years of applied experience. Momma Wolf has a passion for organic farming, eco-villages, making soil with red worms, and loves sprouting, cheese making, animals, crystals, and being a grandmomma

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