Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 1

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Through the ages our ancestors practiced the art of self-healing using precious knowledge passed down through generations. What is revealed in this course of study are secrets to health and healing practiced by indigenous people that reveal long-lost knowledge of the treasures found in nature, contained in the healing properties of her plant life.

Learning Outcome:

Completion of the three modules plus passing the assignments of this Course earns you a Certificate as a Specialist in Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine.

Part 1 is a 40 minute module that shares multi-tribal, indigenous wisdom and practices of the basic properties of medicinal plants from herbs Alfalfa through Fenugreek, including what parts of the plant are used, the traditional healing uses, preparations, and applications, and what body part they affect. The student will be able to identify the plant’s properties, know its use as a tea, compress, essential oil, tincture, cleanse, or flush and how to dry fresh herbs.

ASSIGNMENT: for eligibility to Certify as Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist you are required to fulfill the assignment of drying/dehydrating three medicinal herb bunches for use as a tea, poultice, or compress.

Indigenous knowledge passed down through the agesLearn how the ancient ones kept themselves healthy and healed themselves with the knowledge and application of medicine contained in specific plants
Myriad uses of Plant MedicinesLearn the various types of uses and applications for Medicinal Plants from herbal preparations as a Tea or Compress, to Aroma Therapy and Bolus
Medicinal Properties of
Alfalfa through Fenugreek
Get to know the reparative, comforting, and regenerative properties of medicinal plants, how to use them, their nutritional content, and a bit of lore.
Use herbs in their natural stateChoosing and using the freshest medicinal quality of herbs for highest potency.
Completing your Assignment: Dehydrating herbs in their fresh stateStudents will procure the necessary ingredients and follow the procedures for dehydrating fresh herbs for later use as a preparation as plaster, capsule or tea.
Turning in your AssignmentAssignment: optional to Complete Part 1 of the Course, required for Module 1 of 3 to Certify as a Momma Wolf Health Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist
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