Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 3

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It is the Ancient ones who have kept alive the knowledge of nature’s plants medicine as well as their curative properties and applications. Modern medicine would have us rely on the drugs that are mere copies of the cures that are offered by Mother Nature’s botanicals. With true self-healing knowledge gained from indigenous practices, anyone can unleash their inner healer ― no matter the state of wellness.

Learning Outcome:

Completion of the three modules plus passing the assignments of this Course will qualify you for a Certificate as a Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist.

Part 3 introduces that physical dis-ease symptoms stem from nutrient deficiencies, and asks the question “Why are we taking drugs to treat symptoms that are caused by nutrient deficiencies?” This course teaches the basic properties of medicinal plants from the herbs Nettles through Yerba Santa, including what parts of the plant are used, the traditional healing uses, preparations, and applications, and what body part they affect. The student will understand the use and properties of herbs, their properties and uses, and how to make medicinal herbal tea.

ASSIGNMENT: for eligibility to Certify as Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist you are required to fulfill the assignment of blending a minimum of three herbal teas, using what you’ve learned about their properties, to mitigate a symptom(s), effect a cure, plus repair, flush or comfort a specific illness or condition, detailing your process.

Thriving with plants as medicine that heal and detoxifyBefore doctors and drugs, indigenous people knew and practiced plant medicine to prevent most of the dis-eases modern man suffers from, due to lack of nutrient knowledge.
Medicinal Properties of
Nettles through Yerba Santa
Get to know the reparative, comforting, and regenerative properties of medicinal plants, how to use them, their nutritional content, and a bit of lore.
Getting ready to use herbal teaWith self-healing knowledge comes greater ability to care for yourself, and what you need to know before drinking pre-bagged tea.
Types of tea preparationsLearn how to make a cup of medicinal tea from infusion and decoction herbs, who to combine them and their methods of preparation.
Tea tips and guidesFrom choosing sweeteners, to steep-age and storage, all the tips and guides to making and preserving the most effective tea for healing.
Course Assignment: Create a medicinal tea blendMake a tea blend that combines three or more herbs, to be used for healing/comforting a specific symptom or dis-ease.

What you’ll need for the assignment: Procure the necessary items to complete your assignment, and planning its conclusion.
Documenting assignment processStudents will follow the procedures for creating a blend of herbal teas for a specific condition or illness and reporting the process as assigned.
Completing your Assignment
Receiving your Certificate
Assignment: take the quiz to get credit for the class, and then complete the Assignment for Part 3 of the Course. All assignments are required to be completed for Parts 1-3 in order to receive your Certificate as a Momma Wolf Health Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist
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