Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 2

Ancient wisdom passed along through generations of indigenous people about the amazing plants that repair, regenerate, restore and revitalize your health and life. Before the age of doctors, hospitals and blood tests, our ancestors knew how to prevent dis-ease, and if they became ill they sought the medicine of these plants. Now you can learn about them, how and when to use them, and why.

Learning Outcome:

Completion of the three modules plus passing the assignments of this Course will qualify you for a Certificate as a Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist.

Part 2 reveals a time for change in our health care system, putting health and healing back into your hands using indigenous plant medicine knowledge for self-healing. This course teaches the basic properties of medicinal plants from herbs Garcinia through Myrrh, including what parts of the plant are used, the traditional healing uses, preparations, and applications, and what body part they affect. The student will understand the choice of herbs over synthetic drugs, the properties and uses of indigenous herbs, and when is the right time and application for the properties of essential oil use.

ASSIGNMENT: for eligibility to Certify as Momma Wolf Heath Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist you are required to fulfill the assignment of blending a minimum of three essential oils in a single or multiple carrier oil(s) base using what you’ve learned about their properties in order to topically apply them therapeutically for relief and healing of a specific symptom or illness.

Thriving with plants as medicine that heal and detoxifyLearn how the ancient ones kept themselves healthy and healed themselves with the knowledge and application of medicine contained in specific plants
Review of Part 1Bringing information present from Part 1 to prepare for Part 2
Medicinal Properties of
Garcinia through Myrrh
Get to know the reparative, comforting, and regenerative properties of medicinal plants, how to use them, their nutritional content, and a bit of lore.
Why and when to choose essential oils over drugsChoosing healing in place of symptom treatment using medicinal quality essential oils for concentrated potency.
Carrier oils and their properties for formulating an oil blendLearn what carrier oils are, their properties, and how to select and use them in conjunction with essential oils.
Course Assignment: Create a medicinal oil blendStudents will follow the procedures for creating a blend of carrier and essential oils for a specific purpose/illness and reporting the process as assigned.

What you’ll need for the assignment: Procure the necessary items to complete your assignment, and planning its conclusion.
Turning in your AssignmentAssignment: take the quiz to get credit for the class, and then Complete the assignment for Part 2 of the Course, and all assignments are required to be completed for Parts 1-3 for Certification as a Momma Wolf Health Indigenous Plant Medicine Specialist
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