Healing With Nutrients

What They Do, Why We Need Them, and Where to Find Them

Part 1: What are Nutrients – Enzymes & Vitamins A – B6

In keeping with the self-healing knowledge and practices of our indigenous ancestors and combining it with modern sciences, this course reveals general and little known information on specific nutrients, what role they fulfill in our bodies, the signs and symptoms that are produced when nutrients are depleted, and where to find the missing nutrients in specific foods as a powerful course in taking total control of our health and vitality.

Learning Outcome:

Students will learn the healing properties of food enzymes and nutrients, how to recognize symptoms of their deficiency, the foods that contain specific nutrients, and why to eat them.

Completion of the five modules plus passing the quiz’s and assignments of this Course earns you a Certificate as a Momma Wolf Heath Nutrition Specialist.

Part 1 is a 40 minute module that reveals modern and indigenous wisdom about the importance and function of enzymes as a life source nutrient, and how it facilitates nutrient usage in food. Then nutrients, starting with Vitamin A-Complex through B6 vitamins are learned, along with how to recognize signs of their deficiency in the body, and what foods contain the supply of nutrients that are deficient.


For eligibility to Certify as Momma Wolf Heath Nutrition Specialist you are required to fulfill the assignment of submitting a written report about enzymes, their purpose and function, and how they facilitate nutrient usage inside the human body. Then a video is required to be submitted of the student verbally explaining this process to a prospective client.

Pages Within this ModuleWhat will learners receive on these pages?
Introduction to Nutrients
Learn what nutrients are, what they do for you, and why you need them
Cellular Energy: Sugar and Enzymes
Get to know the action, purpose, and importance of enzyme’s properties for cellular function from sugar to enzymes
PAGES 10-13
Role of Vitamins
Get to know purpose of vitamins, how old thinking has been updated, and the two types of vitamins
PAGE 14-18
Difference Between Vitamin Types & Hypes
Learn the differences between vitamin types and how and where they are used in the body, and avoiding vitamin “high potency hype”.
PAGES 19-21
Benefits of All Vitamins Overview
Learn the collective benefits and uses of all the vitamins in an overview from vitamins A through K
PAGES 22-40
Importance of roles of Vitamins A-B6
Gain knowledge of specific vitamins A though B6, what they do for the body, what are the signs of deficiency, and what foods contain the specific nutrients/vitamins
PAGES 42-45
Your Assignment: Showing Your Understanding of Enzymes & Potential client application
Students will submit a written report about enzymes, their purpose and function, and how they facilitate nutrient usage inside the human body, along with a video of the student verbally describing this process to a prospective client.
Turning in your Assignment
Assignment: optional to Complete Part 1 of the Course, required for Module 1 of 5 to Certify as a Momma Wolf Health Nutrition Specialist
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