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Healing With Nutrients Part two

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What They Do, Why We Need Them, and Where to Find Them

Part 2: What are Nutrients – B-7 through B-17, and the C-Complex vitamin, plus K vitamins

Starting where modern medicine, science, and pharmaceuticals leave off, this course teaches the role that nutrients play in every cell of your body. You’ll learn the signs and symptoms of dis-ease that are produced when specific nutrients are depleted, what foods contain them, and why to eat them. Healing With Nutrients contains powerful information that leads to the ability for taking total control of your health and vitality.

Learning Outcome:

Students will learn the healing and boosting properties of food nutrients, how to recognize physical symptoms of their deficiency, where to find specific nutrients in foods, and why to eat them. In order to complete/pass a course you must take the quiz at the end.

Completion of the five Healing With Nutrients modules plus passing the quizzes and assignments of this Course earns you a Certificate as a Momma Wolf Heath Nutrition Specialist.

Part 2 is a 50 minute module that reveals the important role that vitamins play in the healthy function of each system of your body, and how they facilitate the quality of function on a cellular level. Then nutrients, starting with B-7 through B-17, and the C-Complex vitamin, plus K vitamins are learned, along with how to recognize signs of their deficiency in the body, and what foods contain the supply of nutrients that are deficient.


for eligibility to Certify as Momma Wolf Heath Nutrition Specialist you are required to take the quiz and fulfill the assignment of submitting a written report about B-complex vitamins, their purpose and function, and how they facilitate the differing functions of digestion, metabolism, and cellular health inside the human body. Then a video is required to be submitted of the student verbally explaining this process to a prospective client.

Pages Within this ModuleWhat will learners receive on these pages?
Limitations of Modern Medicine
Learn the limited scope of nutritional education to medical doctors, and their health care practice limited to drugs and surgery.
Drugs vs. Nutrition
Drugs cannot replace nutrition, which the body needs in order to heal, and learning about the body’s nutritional needs.
Mystery of B Vitamins
Where did all the B-vitamins go? FDA only accepts the classification of a limited amount of B-Complex.
PAGE 9-19
B-Vitamin Complexes
Learn the common and missing B-vitamins B4 through B9, what they do and where to find them in foods.
MTHFR Gene Variant
Learn how some people have a gene variation that does not allow them to methylate B-vitamins, and what to do.
PAGES 21-33
The roles of Vitamins B10-B17
Gain knowledge of B10 through B17, plus Choline, what they do for the body, what are the signs of deficiency, and what foods contain them.
PAGES 34-39
Vitamin C-Complex and Bioflavonoids
The myriad roles that C-vitamins support in the function of nearly every cell in your body are learned, along with the importance of bioflavonoids.
PAGES 40-48
What do Vitamins D through K Support
Everything from D-Vitamins through Vitamin K is learned in conjunction with what they support and facilitate in the body and how to tell when they are deficient.
Reminder to take the quiz, and to complete assignment for certification if taking that path.
PAGES 50-52
Your Assignment: Showing Your Understanding of B through K vitamins & Potential client application
Certifying students will submit a written report on the role and deficiencies of B-vitamins, the symptoms of lack, and a nutritional plan. Additionally, make a video of the student verbally describing this process to a prospective client.
PAGES 53-54
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