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Our ancestors practiced natural and healthy lifestyles that prevented them from experiencing the critical dis-eases that we face today. Having lost the sacred knowledge of plants as medicine, the nutritional deficiencies that cause symptoms, and how our bodies heal, you can learn the indigenous secrets that will return you to vital health using nature’s plant life. Finally, here’s the non-cookie cutter approach to self-healing that is intelligent, witty, and charming.

Momma Wolf’s courses are targeted at self-healing, immersing you in indigenous knowledge and plant medicine practices.  You’re invited to take the e-Courses for yourself and loved ones, or become a Certified Vital Life Practitioner. If you’re passionate about natural, holistic healing, these course curriculums offer you a rare opportunity to receive invaluable, long-lost healing wisdom.

For Certification: Take the courses and quizzes, fulfill the assignments for the course series, and stack certificates from each course, and begin practicing in a satisfying health career that is more in demand than ever.

Courses are Complimentary for Members!

Healing With Nutrients Part two

What They Do, Why We Need Them, and Where to Find Them Part 2: What are Nutrients – B-7 through B-17, and the C-Complex vitamin, plus K vitamins Starting where modern medicine, science, and pharmaceuticals leave off, this course teaches the role that nutrients play in every cell of your...


Healing With Nutrients

What They Do, Why We Need Them, and Where to Find Them Part 1: What are Nutrients – Enzymes & Vitamins A – B6 In keeping with the self-healing knowledge and practices of our indigenous ancestors and combining it with modern sciences, this course reveals general and little known information...


Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 3

It is the Ancient ones who have kept alive the knowledge of nature’s plants medicine as well as their curative properties and applications. Modern medicine would have us rely on the drugs that are mere copies of the cures that are offered by Mother Nature’s botanicals. With true self-healing knowledge...


Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 2

Ancient wisdom passed along through generations of indigenous people about the amazing plants that repair, regenerate, restore and revitalize your health and life. Before the age of doctors, hospitals and blood tests, our ancestors knew how to prevent dis-ease, and if they became ill they sought the medicine of these...


Indigenous Secrets of Plant Medicine Part 1

Through the ages our ancestors practiced the art of self-healing using precious knowledge passed down through generations. What is revealed in this course of study are secrets to health and healing practiced by indigenous people that reveal long-lost knowledge of the treasures found in nature, contained in the healing properties...


Courses & Certifications

Completion of all three of the Indigenous Secrets to Plant Medicine Courses, including the quizzes and assignments, earns you Certification as a “Momma Wolf Health Indigenous Medicine Specialist” after which you may consult with people’s moderate health issues using herbal essential oils, teas, and capsules. 

Each series of e-Courses offers a Certification for the material contained in that course curriculum. Complete and collect all certifications for each course series and achieve full Certification as a Vital Life Nutrition Practitioner.

Indigenous Secrets to Plant Medicine Part 1

Course: For Members
Course, Quiz and Certification Assignment: Required for Certification

Indigenous Secrets to Plant Medicine Part 2

Course: For Members
Course, Quiz and Certification Assignment: Required for Certification

Indigenous Secrets to Plant Medicine Part 3

Course: For Members
Completion of all 3 Courses, Quizzes and Assignments Required for Indigenous Medicine Specialist Certification


Momma Wolf Health implements a global philosophy that initiates programs for giving back to the indigenous people of the world by offering scholarships to students in need beyond the borders of the North American continent. Please inquire about qualifying for financial scholarships to the Momma Wolf Courses and Certification

Support Momma Wolf Health’s mission to heal people and the planet, train and sustain indigenous, marginalized, impoverished people, and to support and empower youth.

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