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Discover an array of nourishing recipes designed to empower you to savour delectable dishes while prioritizing your wellness goals.

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Papua New Guinea Coffee for Your Health

Coffee can actually be healthy for you when it’s organic, alkalizing, and non-toxic―and when you get it from a reliable source. A cup of Papua New Guinea organic coffee is ulcer and allergy-friendly, and super healthy.

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HOMEMADE Red hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

A Homemade Hot Sauce recipe that tastes amazing! Ready in 15 minutes and can be tailored to mild, medium or hot – however you want!

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bison lettuce wraps

Bison Butter Lettuce Wraps

This Bison Butter Lettuce Wraps recipe is for a simple yet elegant appetizer or salad/main dish combination that’s sure to please even the most finicky palate.

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Peak Sandwich

This peak sandwich recipe creates a delicious and nutritious sandwich that boosts all seven of your main hormone producing glands.

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Garden Salad

Everyone will love this fresh, veggie filled garden salad that can be the whole meal for 6-8 people.

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Melon & Mango on Watercress Salad

This delicious, savory flavored summer to fall salad provides tons of polyphenols that fight cancer, vitamins A, C, and E for anti-oxidant strength, chlorophyll to build red blood cells, probiotic building microbes and fiber, and lots of anti-inflammatory properties.

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