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Get hands-on with our DIY Beauty & Household tips. Make your own natural beauty products and effective cleaning remedies at home. Embrace creativity for a greener, more rewarding lifestyle.

Essential Mouth Wash Recipe

DIY Thyme Minty Mouth Wash

By using this recipe, you can make easy, effective, and healthy mouth wash at home with simple, natural ingredients for pennies on the dollar compared with the leading store bought brands. And, rather than ending up with receding gums, more dental carries, irritated tonsils, and oral cancer you can get healthier teeth, gums, tonsils, and jaw bones.

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infused oil recipes

DIY Herb Infused Oils

Oils can be THE most flavorful and enhancing part of any meal, so why not make your own just the way you like it? Add intense and indulgent flavor to every meal and boost your daily essential fatty acids, omega 3’s, and mineral uptake at the same time.

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