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Health is the most important aspect of life. What and how you choose to eat affects you, others, the planet and its elements. Choosing food wisely and well allows your daily food to be your daily medicine.

Please choose foods in their natural, raw, non-GMO, and organic state that contain the highest amount and quality of enzymes, nutrients, and bio-abundant life factors. Consuming foods of optimum quality support and maintain the highest quality of function throughout your body. Peak performance in all aspects of life is effortless when your daily foods provide each cell with the proper resources for peak function.

Vital Foods

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About Vital Life Foods
Momma Wolf Lifestyle Guidebook
The Benefits of Real Salt®

Momma Wolf is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine degree from “Washitaw Wisdom College”, issued by the Tribal Nation of Washitaw, and a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the “United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge” awarded for the Curriculum she co-developed for the United Nation’s indigenous members. She is a Professor, published author, accomplished healing practitioner, supplement formulator, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 35 years of applied experience. Momma Wolf has a passion for organic farming, eco-villages, making soil with red worms, and loves sprouting, cheese making, animals, crystals, and being a grandmomma

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