Your Body is an Automatic Healing Machine

You can manifest perfect health with powerful self-healing keys that include indigenous medicinal foods & herbs that sustain your life’s purpose. Join to find out how.

With over 30 years as a Master Practitioner of Indigenous Herbal and Nutritional healing practices and resources, my goal is to share vital knowledge that shifts chronic illness inherent in today’s health-care system back into your hands, the healer within.

- Momma Wolf

Heal Mother Earth

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Morning Wolf

Your Body is an Automatic Healing Machine

Each cell in your body contains all the intelligence to repair and regenerate itself - no matter your current state of health. It all starts in the digestive system… with what you eat, how you digest it, and where it gets utilized. Join our membership and receive a download of  Momma Wolf’s Lifestyle Guidebook to learn how your body heals you on a cellular and genetic level, and what you need to supply in order to make it happen!

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Your Inner Healing Potential

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21 Days to Vital Health

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Momma Wolf offers you this inspirational program that  contains innovative steps for an indigenous journey toward achieving a vitally healthy life. You’ll receive a 21 day email campaign with daily guides in your inbox full of surprising incentives to follow the day’s activity, and by doing so you’ll have more energy, better confidence, enhanced intelligence, restful sleep, and more creativity with this easy and fun to follow Vital Health program. Get started today!

Follow the steps outlined below to get the most out of Momma Wolf’s Success Methods

Improve your Microbiome

Read about Probiotics

Drink Plenty of Good Quality Water

Consider getting Structured Water

Reduce Stress

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Spend Time in the Sun

Read about De-Stressing

Get Restorative Sleep

Read about De-Stressing

Eat Vital Health Foods

Download the Vital Life Foods list

Momma Wolf teaches Living a Life of Optimal Health & Vitality

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To free yourself from the chronic illness, drugs, and surgery protocols of the current health-care system by learning to self-heal

To activate your innate inner-health system found in the blueprint of each of your trillions of cells by replenishing missing nutrients

To stay free of illness by maintaining your Infinite Health Potential, Finding your Passion, and Living your true Purpose



Members can learn that getting healthy and staying that way is fun and easy with categories covering nutritional health solutions through vital lifestyle inspirations and do-it-yourself products and projects that empower your confidence and choices. You’ll find all the information you and your family need to unleash your inner healer, create more mutually beneficial relationships, and redefine your knowledge and skills using foods that fuel and energize every one of your body’s functions.

Love our Earth Mother

Love our Earth Mother

Make a beneficial difference for our Earth Mother, and change your conscious habits and daily practices to help the planet. Here are some simple ways...

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